June 17, 2019
  • 3:20 pm Cum arată noul concept de taxi aerian Uber și alte anunțuri făcute de companie la cea de-a treia ediție a summit-ului anual de transport aerian Elevate
  • 3:18 pm Golin & iSense Solutions: Care sunt principalii factori de influenţă şi cum iau deciziile noile generaţii
  • 3:15 pm Mastercard lansează soluţii inovatoare pentru sistemul de open banking
  • 3:12 pm Samsung anunță lansarea lui XCover 4s
  • 3:10 pm Tehnici esențiale de creștere a conversiei vânzărilor online
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Guitar player

We’re looking for a guitar player to join the Zitec team and play in our own band – ZiBand!

Position details

Senior PHP Software Engineer

If you are a tech savvy with a flair for creativity and innovation, interested in mentoring junior programmers and develop high quality software, you belong with us!

Position details

DevOps Engineer

You are passionate about automation and want to take the next step in your career? Apply for the DevOps position!

Position details

Lead of SysOps

Knowledge and efficiency must be your most powerful skills for this important task in the world of web. (Because there are always two: a Lead and his team!)

Position details

PHP Software Engineer

If you can master the power of PHP, SQL and Javascript, you belong with us! We’ll be witnessing many releases together!

Position details

Magento Developer

Do you have experience with high-traffic e-commerce solutions? If users and their digital needs don’t terrify you, then join us. Join us now!

Position details

Drupal Developer

See yourself building some of the busiest websites in the world with Drupal modules? You should definitely contact us. Like ASAP!

Position details

Software QA Engineer

You need great attention to details and good understanding of the software development world so you can track down every single bug out there and make them sorry for even visiting us!

Position details

Head of Quality Assurance

The way we see it, a winning attitude should be flexible, positive and focused on continuous improvement . Most importantly, you facilitate clear communication, teamwork and provide leadership to the QA team members.

Position details

Project Manager

Can you cover the process of building a website from ascertaining the needs of the customer right through to delivery? And also be responsible for communication, planning and tracking tasks? Why haven’t we met yet?

Position details

Online Marketing Specialist

Everything is about #socialmedia and moreover, #words #matter for this role. So bring your keywords and redirect your way to us.

Position details

Senior SEO Specialist

If you are passionate about marketing and don’t mind a Hackathon once in a while, come on over!

Position details

Business Developer (IT Industry)

We are looking for an ambitious and energetic Business Developer to help us create long-term value for our organization!

Position details

Java Developer

Knowledge and efficiency must be your most powerful skills for this important task in the world of web. Are you up for this challenging task? Then we’re waiting for your resume!

Position details

Head of Mobile Solutions

The way we see it, a winning attitude should be flexible and positive, able to adapt to change. Most importantly, you need to work well with people and facilitate clear communication both internally and externally.

Position details


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