JOBURI IN IT&C. Clarisoft Technologies recruteaza Junior Project Manager

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IT Software / e-Commerce
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Full time
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Junior Project Manager

We’re looking for a young, enthusiast project manager who:

– Understands basic project management principles: scope, schedule, budget, quality.
– Ensures all project documentation is gathered, organized, maintained, tracked and managed properly.
– Provides leadership to ensure that projects are completed on time and within established parameters.
– Manages cross functional resource teams on monthly deploys and small to medium size projects.
– Assigns tasks to team members.
– Manages client deploy schedules, reports, release notes and verifying QA.
– Ensures production efficiency on a daily basis through efficient resource planning, resource productivity and allocation.
– Ensures the project deliverables are capable of achieving the benefits defined in the business case.
– Manages client support requests.
– Responds quickly and professionally to client support requests and questions.
– Schedules client meetings and internal meetings.
– Forecasts changes and communicates current and projected issues.
– Monitors team progress against project plans.